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so here is Cassie modelling her new bikini, previewed on instagram the other day.  We both popped on our bathers this morning and headed off to the beach for a quick photo op, and of course a swim! aaaah, it was totally divine, like heaven.  The water was crystal cool and clear and it was all just so delightful.  Every time we head off to the beach I think “hmmm, should come down here more often…” but then we get busy and a few weeks go by just like that.  I guess it wouldn’t feel like such a treat when we do get there, so maybe we’ve got just the right balance!

The colour may look a little familiar… remember when I told how Cassie had given me some lovely brick fabric from Fabulous Fabrics for my birthday, with which I was make my bathers this year? well this is the exact same stuff!  Cassie liked it so much she bought some for herself too, to make her own bathers!  We must’ve made a kinda funny sight this morning, in a Sound of Music kind of a way.

But anyway, sewing stuff re the bikini…

Cassie designed and made the top herself, basing the wrap-around band design on that of Madalynne’s free sierra bra pattern; except she drafted her own halter neck bodice pieces and gathered them gently underneath the bust into a double layered, turned out band.  The band ties at the back in a self-tie, likewise the halter tie.  All pieces are self-fabric lined.

DSC_2627 2

I was commissioned to make the bottoms.  I used the ClothHabit Watson briefs as a basic starting point, splicing the front piece and gusset together and cutting them together as one piece. I always do this mod every time I make this pattern.  To get that tied-together-sides style; the side edges were extended by 2cm each side, and the elastic starts and ends at those extensions.  The extensions were then just turned under to make casements, through which I threaded a little self-tie up and down each side.  Meaning the bikini is held together at the side edges by this tie.

DSC_2669That’s it, really!

sierrawatsonIMG_9253 - Version 2

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28 Thoughts on “Cassie’s bikini

  1. What a lovely classy bikini! I really like the way Cassie has cleverly drafted the top and the ties at the sides of the pants tie the two pieces together perfectly (no pun intended).

  2. I can only say again how much I love this bikini! This will definitely be a thing I need to make before spring gets around to our place. It is such beautiful work from both of you.

  3. Love the unusual style of this bikini and it looks lovely on your daughter.

  4. Cassie looks great in these. I feel the same about the sea, we live really close and when we go its so beautiful even in winter that I feel why aren’t we there everyday?

  5. I love this! The style is perfect for a bikini, and the color is great. So envious of your warm sunny beach right now!

  6. Gillian on 23/01/2016 at 9:41 pm said:

    What a clever, clever pair of people you are! It’s a lovely bikini, and I like the details you both added to the existing patterns!

  7. This is so beautiful! I would not have thought to use this bra pattern (which I have) to draft a swimsuit. Gorgeous!

  8. Very nice! I made the bra myself (and really didn’t like it), so I think I am in a good position to say that this is a very nice variation. Much more curve-friendly!
    And I like your changes for the bottoms too.

  9. Rianna on 23/01/2016 at 10:50 pm said:

    Sweet combination…..lovely figure, gorgeous bikini!

  10. I love that bikini! Looks great on Cassie!

  11. I can see she’s got your sewing DNA! The design on the top is very cute. Great bikini overall!

  12. I love the colour of this bikini – gorgeous! It sets off your skin colour beautifully but what I love the most is the style of this bikini – all those ties make you feel secure – as long as it’s tied right you’re good 🙂 Beautiful sewing job Cassie!

  13. Beautiful bikini and Cassie has really made it her own with her design changes. Your changes to the bottoms is perfect.

  14. Love! And I really like the color on you both.

  15. What a lovely bikini. Great job girls.

  16. Wonderful bikini, and Cassie has been well schooled by you to be able to design and sew something so lovely.

  17. Beautiful, so chic!

  18. Well! I’m sitting here indoors starring at the grey sky, waiting for better weather and you’re showing off with this absolute magnificent beach pictures! Plus Cassie is wearing this super cute/sporty/interesting bikini! I love it! And the colour! It looks great on her! I’m really stunned with your tie design and I really want to sew this exact bikini right now! You’re always such a great source of inspiration! 🙂

  19. Great details on the top and bottom. Interesting, flattering & practical! Also, sunny beach? Jealous…

  20. So envious of your warm weather and beach visitation AND this gorgeous swimsuit and the body to wear it. Good motivation to get to the gym, since the snow makes it impossible to do anything else I guess.
    Anyways, I’m so impressed by the fit and the execution of this. I bow down to your mastery of swimwear.

  21. Love This! Using the Sierra pattern is a great idea 🙂

  22. You both have made a beautiful bikini set. I love that color too.

  23. I love it! Such a pretty bikini and colour. Your daughter is gorgeous 🙂

  24. Stunning and clever use of the bra pattern.

  25. Your daughter is as beautiful as her mother and certainly inherited your creative spirit! She is lovely! 🙂

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  27. Cute swimsuit 🙂
    Maria V.

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