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stylish dress bookI’ve made a softly floaty blouse ¬†ūüôā ¬†of course¬†just as¬†summer is on the way out… o no, wait, actually¬†summer is over!¬†However we’re still getting days of 40C. ¬†Not that I’m complaining, mind you. ¬†I love the warmth! ¬†Only thing is that I’m getting tired¬†of all my summer things thus the decision¬†to make a new summer¬†thing, ha. ¬†#seasonallyinappropriatesewingforthewin ¬†It’s light and pretty and easily¬†breezy; and delightfully cool. ¬†I fully expect the weather¬†to turn¬†cold now.


Pattern; based upon dress R from the Stylish Dress Book, by Yoshiko Tsukiori. ¬†I’ve always had luck with the patterns from this book. ¬†But this time¬†…¬†well the pattern is¬†for a short dress, and it’s¬†quite pouffy¬†too, and in this particular fabric it looked just like a nightie! eeeek! this fabric is far too lovely to be a nightie! So¬†I gave it just a little chop¬†and now it’s a top. ¬† Much much better like this… I had also added¬†some rather¬†interesting gathered side pockets to the dress and managed to keep them perfectly intact. ¬†I pinned this picture of a gathered pocket a while ago and have been itching to have a go at incorporating it into a design at some time… And I have!¬†with an added drawstring. ¬†I decided¬†the drawstring was needed with this¬†embroidered fabric, it felt kind of lacking without it.

gathered pocket

Fabric; a rather gorgeous fully embroidered Japanese silk/cotton,¬†bought from the remnants table at Potters Textiles, years’ ago. ¬†Probably about four years ago. ¬† Fully embroidered with a floral motif, the background is very light and fine, quite sheer actually; so a full and voluminous design is just the ticket. ¬†The yoke and bias cut ties on the pockets are ivory crepe from Fabulous Fabrics, cut from the leftovers of¬†my studio faro dress.


Modifications; Shortened to be a blouse. ¬†Also the front and back are supposed to be gathered into the yoke… I tend to steer clear of gathering. ¬†Instead I folded the excess width into box pleats. ¬†There are four at the front, evenly spaced and¬†close to the centre¬†front, and one in the centre of the back. ¬†And I added¬†those two gathered pockets at¬†the sides. ¬†I love the¬†design of these;¬†interesting and practical, and pretty too without being excessively twee, and they’re a little bit different from your average inseam pocket and patch pocket. ¬†I think they¬†add¬†a certain visual¬†“something” to the top that it¬†needed.

I’m thinking of writing¬†a tutorial¬†to show how I made them… ¬†coming soon ¬†ūüôā


stylish dress book DSC_2624burda7723-1


Blouse; based upon dress R from the Stylish Dress Book by Yoshiko Tsukiori, embroidered ivory silk/cotton
Shorts; Burda 7723, green cotton gingham, details here and my review of this pattern here
Thongs, made by me, details here


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33 Thoughts on “light as a cloud

  1. Gorgeous! I love those pockets. We are actually heading towards summer and seeing that fabulous floaty fabric reminded me just how much I’ve missed it. Please do the tutorial ūüôā

  2. Stunning photos, and the fabric really is gorgeous. Glad you were able to rescue the piece from nightie-dom.

  3. Ahhh, I see I am not the only one interested in a pocket tutorial! That is one sweet blouse and I can imagine it is perfect for 40C degree weather. You know what stole the show for me on this post are the beautiful photos of that sky as backdrop!

  4. I too think a pocket tutorial would be useful. Glad you managed to rescue the dress. I think it’s lovely as a top; just right for summer weather.

  5. SunGold on 15/03/2016 at 11:50 pm said:

    I recently made a similar pattern, but without pockets. Inseam pockets would drag, front patch pockets would ruin the lines.

    I can’t live without pockets, so I’m going to try out your lovely gathered pockets. Thank you for the wonderful idea, and congrats on a simply divine top!

  6. I love your idea of making box pleats rather than gathers. I have a pattern (Victory) that does that in the back and loved the look much better than gathers. Everything about this blouse I love and it’s given me some great inspiration! Knowing to make a shear very flowy, looking for pockets that are pretty! and making pleats. Your post was so helpful! The material you used for this blouse is so luscious – it’s a perfect example of why we sew ūüôā Thank you for sharing and I look forward too to your tutorial on the pockets!

  7. Dreamy top and sunset. Congrats on a project save.

  8. Beautiful! And those photographs are amazing.

  9. I am really in love with that top, it is my kind of blouse. The first photo is so amazing. I could stare at those harmonious hues for hours.I want to see those pockets in full photogrpahic action too!
    More bras on my blog today people, I am getting better. Might be time to try a new pattern.

  10. I have no words for how beautiful your photos are…I was completely mesmerized as I scrolled down. {In honesty, I had to return to the top to read your text.}

    And yes…the top is ethereal and romantic and has beautiful pockets!

  11. Your photos always look amazing. Very lovely top!

  12. Charlotte Powell on 16/03/2016 at 2:51 am said:

    It looks wonderful, great details with the pockets too.

  13. I really love that last photo of you and Sienna!!

  14. What a lovely floaty tunic! I love the fabric. The pockets are very cute and the length is just right. The pictures are wonderful. What an autumnal sky with summery temperatures. I am actually occupied with #seasonallyinappropriatesewingforthewin here, too. Woolen things. I am looking forward to sew lovely summer clothes. ūüôā

  15. You have chosen the perfect fabric for this pattern. The pleats look much better than gathering too. Gorgeous top and stunningly beautiful photography.

  16. Lovely top! And great background for your pics. The fabric and little gathered pockets really make the top!

  17. Your photos are stunning and that top is adorable. Love the pocket detail. I couldn’t imagine +40 degrees C, I wouldn’t look that great, my hair would be all frizzy and I would be melting into a hot mess (not in a good way). How do you and the dog look so cool?

  18. The perfect floaty summery top and your pockets are fun but perfect for this fabric.

    Now what are the native flowers they are so unusual and Sienna seems to be keeping an eye on them!

  19. Itziar on 16/03/2016 at 8:47 am said:

    Beautiful blouse, clouds, dog and landscape!!

  20. It’s beautiful fabric but the pockets, those amazingly awe-inspiring pocket! So yes, tutorial please!

  21. What a lovely top. Looks to be the perfect choice for hot weather! Love those pockets!

  22. It is a really pretty top. I like the pleats better than the gathers as well.

  23. That is a lovely blouse, looks so light and dreamy! I especially like your pockets, great idea! The whole outfit looks great together and those pictures! Awww! ūüôā

  24. Lovely top. I have that book also, but haven’t made anything from it yet. Seeing your top makes me want to get going. If I get started now I could wear it for Spring. Thanks for the inspiration.

  25. Philippa on 16/03/2016 at 9:19 pm said:

    This is a really beautiful little top! I would like to see the pocket tutorial; it’s a cute detail. Wishing you many more sunny days in which to wear it!

  26. Amasing sky !!!!

  27. Ann on 17/03/2016 at 1:55 am said:

    The pockets are my favorite part of your lovely blouse. I eagerly await the tutorial. Thank you.

  28. What a gorgeous blouse! Just the right thing for 40¬į outside. Very lovely pictures, quite different from your usual style – that I like very much, too. Enjoy the rest of summer in your most beautiful countryside.

  29. I’ve always thought your pictures were beautiful and beautifully done….. but you’ve completely outdone yourself here. These are stunningly beautiful in the way you showcased your lovely top against that gorgeous sky and landscape with sweet Sienna at hand. Love, love, love the pockets! and the way you used pleats instead of gathers. ūüôā

  30. Gorgeous! I normally wouldn’t consider this type of voluminous top but you design…I love the addition of the gathered pockets! Another winning make Carolyn!!

  31. Beautiful top and photos. The fabric is amazing and really suit the pattern.

  32. Gorgeous photos, and such a lovely blouse! I like the gathered pockets!

  33. Lovely blouse and super cute pockets. I can imagine it would be super cool to wear in our heat!
    That sunset is spectacular! xxx

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