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My new lingerie set is inspired by the red-eyed tree frog.  Yes, really! and this is my “thing” for Jungle January, the fun yearly challenge set by Anne of Pretty Greivances.

Deja vu!! because last year I also made underdaks, also froggy-inspired.

photograph credit, Carey James Balboa; source

So, hello there, Agalychnis callidryas.  This little cutie is native to the rain forests that extend from Mexico down through Central America to Columbia…  and thank YOU, Wikipedia.  Also according to Wikipedia, its name callidryas is derived from the Greek for beautiful wood nymph.  So while I am wearing it I shall imagine myself as a … bwahaha, I’m joking of course, I cannot even type that with a straight face.  Lol.

It’s an exquisite little creature, is it not? the colours are quite magnificent.  So bright and vivid and with those eyes; big, round and true scarlet, with a vertically aligned pupil.  I positioned my two-hole buttons accordingly, and used black thread on purpose to mimic that.

IMG_9008Well I reckon it’s the attention to the whimsical detail that becomes the most fun thing about making your own clothes!

Actually this was all a bit fortuitous… I kinda forgot about Jungle January, then Sue posted her dress and I was like doh!  Jungle January! aaaaaagh!  but as it turned out, I’d only just cut all the lingerie pieces of green jersey, like the night before.  I’d managed to squeak these pieces out from the leftovers of a Tshirt… anyway, I looked at the colour and immediately thought “frog!”

So, with the perfect colour fabric (Fabulous Fabrics), plus it was already cut out and ready to go, I already had the blue fold-over elastic, navy blue underband elastic and the red buttons in Le Stash…  so I just needed to dash out to Homecraft Textiles for some orange fold-over elastic; bob’s your uncle.

squeezing all details into one picture…

IMG_9011Patterns; both knickers are the Watson briefs and the bra is my favourite pattern, MakeBra 2610.  This is hands down the most wearable of the bra patterns in my collection.



Oh, I mentioned the lingerie set was leftovers from  a Tshirt? well, now seems a good enough time as any to blog about that too.  Lime green jersey from Fabulous Fabrics, pattern is the Nettie byCloset Case patterns, my go-to Tshirt pattern.  It’s actually way too hot for me to really wear it right now, it’s 37C phew! so this is like a 20 second photo shoot happening here.  I bought this fabric at the same time as the black-and-white striped fabric for this recent skirt, because I reckoned they’d be kind cool together, Tim Burton-ish, in a good way.


Actually, this project is pretty funny to me; see, the Tshirt was really my primary objective, because I wanted more colour options in my Tshirt department… the lingerie was cut out just as a “oh, what the hey” afterthought because the fabric was already out.   In all likelihood the pieces would have got shoved away like the three other unmade lingerie sets I’ve already cut out under the same circumstances…. oops!  must make those too… *blush*

Then Jungle January breathed inspiration into those scrappy bits, and I got all excited and super focused and enthused about making the lingerie and it became a much bigger deal in my head… I almost forgot about that Tshirt!

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26 Thoughts on “set de la tree frog

  1. Rianna on 15/01/2016 at 3:28 pm said:

    Who would have thought a frog could be the inspiration for lingerie! The fun of seeing it all come together as wearable must certainly add another dimension to the joy of sewing! Well done Carolyn.

    • Rianna on 15/01/2016 at 6:33 pm said:

      PS where do you source the foam lining…..does your local fabric store stock this kind of bra haberdashery? I will be visiting my brother in Brisbane in June and the only item on my list of to dos so far is to visit the local fabric stores to see what they have to offer. I am sure it will be very exciting compared to what is offered locally in South Africa.

      • Carolyn on 15/01/2016 at 10:09 pm said:

        Hello Rianna, thank you! I bought the foam lining online from MakeBra, the Finnish bra company that designed the pattern I used too. When I bought the pattern I also ordered their basic bra supplies kit at the same time, which includes foam lining, various elastics, rings and sliders and hook and eye tape.
        this is the link to the kits
        I think it’s a very good kit, the contents are great quality and in my opinion it’s well worth getting if you’re into bra-making.

        • Rianna Brown on 16/01/2016 at 7:28 pm said:

          Thanks Carolyn. I last made bras in 1995. But unfortunately the only pattern I had was designed in my opinion with a old fashioned shape…. very pointy and certainly did not look good on me. I gave up after making about four bras and feeling hugely disappointed… execution was good just the fit and look not suitable. So I would love to try again with the new bra patterns available.

  2. So satisfying to use up leftovers and such a good use too.

  3. Beautiful right down to the iris in the button! Lovely green colour, perfect with the stripes too.

  4. Beautiful froggy lingerie set, and I really love the attention to detail. Frog eye buttons – inspired! It’s especially great that this was essentially made from scrap. Good girl Carolyn!
    The t shirt shouldn’t really be an afterthought. The colour is fabulous, and since I have just printed the Nettie pattern it has just been bumped up my project pile.

  5. Love how you find inspiration from the most unlikely sources. This is a fun set of underwear and very cleverly done.

  6. Lovely, lovely lingerie set! Every little detail is just perfect. Thank you for the mention 🙂

  7. How fun! I love the frog eye detail. It’s so satisfying to be able to work in those little design elements that you just wouldn’t be able to find in a shop!

  8. Love this! So much fun to see your inspiration…. like a little tree frog, with your artistic creation. Oh yes, think lovely wood nymph when you wear your lovely set. 🙂

  9. Nic on 16/01/2016 at 1:20 am said:

    Those eye buttons are perfect! Love it!

  10. Yesterday, inspired by you, I drafted my first bra. It was a mess but I learnt lots and the next one is going to be wearable. At least on the first one I used notions cut off an old RTW bra and still have all my lovely new things to use next time. So funny re the photo, I did the opposite yesterday and stood freezing cold in my bathroom wearing a thin summer blouse!

  11. Inspired by a frog? Who’d expect that but the colours are gorgeous and fun! Such a beautiful set!

  12. Loved the froggie reference. Colour combos from nature always seem to work. I am now going to try and make some lingerie for the first time as these are gorgeous.

  13. What a beautiful set. 🙂

  14. What a great idea using the different coloured elastics!

  15. a beautiful frog !!!! 😉

  16. I love your froggy inspirations! Since you’vee already done it twice, maybe you could make this a regular Jungle January theme now – frog inspired lingerie.

    • Carolyn on 23/01/2016 at 6:03 pm said:

      I like that idea, Andrea! there are SO MANY amazing rainforest frogs, in a mind-blowing range of colours, so very inspirational 🙂

  17. How cool! I love, love, love this set and the inspiration; the buttons are just the perfect froggy touch, too! I also really love your Burton-y outfit, for what that’s worth. (This is coming from someone who is hunting for–and may have finally found!–the perfect fabric to make “Beetlejuice” striped skinny pants, so take that into account! ^__^ )

  18. Amy on 19/01/2016 at 12:58 pm said:

    These are beautiful, just a lovely set. Awesome how you pulled in all the frog colors!

  19. I seriously am in love with your creativity

  20. Ooh, I love your Jungle January inspiration! I always think about joining, but then, animal prints really aren’t my kind of thing. I’ve never even thought about including amphibia (or reptiles or birds, or I guess even plants are a possibility) for inspiration!

  21. Cussot on 21/01/2016 at 3:30 am said:

    I bow down to your undies skills. I mean, take a gander at those cups. Chack!*

    *thank you Wikipedia link in Carolyn’s text

  22. Oh this set is so gorgeous, love the frog and how you have added the touches to your lingerie this is what I enjoy so much about sewing.

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